Sorcery for Hire

 Services Offered

Payment & Rates: Because my rates are relatively low, I do ask for payment up-front. I would rather work for you than have to put time, energy, and resources towards inducing you to pay me. That said, I do spiritual work not to support myself (I have a day job and this is not my primary source of income), but because I’m a magician in the traditional, ancient sense, I live it every day, and I have a deep love of the Art. Most of what you pay me will go towards gathering the proper materials or towards the time I would spend doing other things.

Hoodoo and Ritual Services

Love, Friendship, Romance, & Seduction

  • Reconciliation work for estranged loved ones.
  • Seduction, & Rekindling Old Passions
  • Setting Lights for Light, Luck, & Love
  • Honey Jar to Make People Sweet

Protection, Healing, & Cleansing

  • Finding Familiars & Protective Spirits
  • Spiritual Cleansing & Purification
  • Curse Removal, Spiritual Protection, and Reversal Spells
  • Removing Negative Spirits from a Location
  • House Blessing and Purification
  • Obnoxious Neighbor Removal
  • Reiki (sessions in person or at a distance)

Money, Business, Luck, & Prosperity

  • Money Drawing & Keeping
  • Gambling Success & Luck Drawing
  • Court Case & Legal Work
  • Job Finding & Keeping
  • Business Protection & Start-up Power
  • Finding a Better Career

Spirit Work

  • Communication with the Dead
  • Petitioning the Folk Saints of Hoodoo
  • Petitioning the Seven Teaching Angels
  • Graveyard Work for Love, Money, & Justice
  • Spiritual Evocation – Summoning Spirits from Renaissance and Medieval Grimoires, etc. to Work for You


  • Fixing botched magic done by others
  • Magical rush jobs (I consider these on a case-by-case basis.)
  • Spiritual advice